"From the Scandinavian and European perspective we are very impressed by the rapid development of BCRI as a new hub for clinical trials in cardiovascular diseases in Brazil and South America. We very much look forward to a continuing and expanding collaboration in our mutual efforts to promote cardiovascular health both locally and globally."

(Lars Wallentin, Professor Cardiology, Director UCR)

“The development of the BCRI reflects the growing importance of Brazil as a contributor to the International Clinical Trials arena. Institutes like the BCRI will lead the way as Brazil assumes its position as a leading force in the generation of evidence that guides the care of patients.”

(Mark Crowther, MD, MSc, FRCPC)

"The growth and success of the BCRI are indeed remarkable. The ongoing efforts of Dr. Renato Lopes and his colleagues have not only advanced the cause of clinical investigation, but have also brought important capabilities, new infrastructure and cutting edge medical therapy to the Brazilian healthcare system."

(Prof. David A. Garcia)

“The BCRI is an academic research organization in Brazil that has been the official extension of the Duke Clinical Research Institute in South America.”

(Prof. Dr. Renato Delascio Lopes)

“O BCRI é uma ideia maravilhosa porque permite uma integração de grupos de pesquisadores daqui do Brasil com investigadores de todo o mundo."

(Prof. Dr. Robert Harrington)

“We are very proud of the growth of the BCRI over the past several years. We are highly committed to our collaboration with the BCRI to help carry out transformative clinical research in South America.”

(Prof. Eric D. Peterson)

“The expansion of this unique clinical research institute in Sao Paulo - Brazil has been having a significant impact on the conduction of large international trials in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Many academic research organizations both in Europe and North-America are eager to continue working with the BCRI.”

(Prof. Frans Van de Werf)

“I have been delighted to see the growth of BRCI under the visionary leadership of Dr Renato Lopes. Clearly the Institute is making major and important contributions to the International research community at multiple levels as well as to Brazil which will impact on the health of Brazilian people. Of most importance is the development of young people with energy and enthusiasm for research under the guidance of Dr Lopes. This can only bode well for the future of Brazil.”

(Prof. Harvey White)

“BCRI is a valued partner and provides a much needed perspective towards achieving our global goal of enhancing cardiovascular health. We appreciate the vigorous collaboration provided by Renato Lopes and his colleagues in STREAM and look forward to future creative efforts that together will bring us closer to our goal”

(Prof. Paul W. Armostrong)

“The future of clinical research will depend upon global collaboration using modern informatics and study designs, linked to outstanding clinical investigators. The BCRI is a leader in this effort.”

(Prof. Robert M. Califf)