Clinical Research Training Program

This program from Duke University School of Medicine provides academic background in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research. This program is developed mainly to fellows that are training to follow academic career. The program provides formal courses in research projects, management on genomic research, medical researches and statistical analysis.

The Program registers the trainees through the Clinical Research Training Program of Duke University School of Medicine and through the Background Program on Clinical Research of NIH (National Institute of Health).

BCRI has started in 2011 an innovative Project: the course “Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research” from Duke University transmitted through a video conference to the students from Brazil. The first group graduated in 2013, with a certificate from Duke University, validated by Paulista School of Medicine. The second group, which started in 2013, will graduate in 2015.

This important project means a great success and consolidates the partnership among Duke, UNIFESP and BCRI. In 2015 we will be able to continue this program with a new group.

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